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Starting Problems



This is a common problem with 4-stroke engines, and is often caused by reduced valve clearance resulting from valve recession (wear of the seating surface).  This reduced valve clearance will also result in reduced power.

MX Engines has the solution, with our HIGH QUALITY STEEL INTAKE VALVE KITS,

2 x High Quality Steel Intake Valves     -     2  x  High-Rev Valve Springs
stainless steel intake kit


The valves are manufactured from High Quality Steel with Black Nitride coating to improve air flow.

This creates a high microhardness while the supersmooth surface finish reduces friction between the stem and the guide.

The valve seat surface is harder with the Nitride layer, making it longer lasting with lead free fuels, alcohols, nitro or other explosive mixtures.  These valves match any kind of seat (nodular iron, steel powder metal, hard aluminium-copper or beryllium-copper).

The Black Nitride layer reduces power loss because of less valve guide friction.

The Chrome Vanadium performance steel springs provide better valve control at high r.p.m., and are essential when fitting a performance high lift cam.

All of these features particularly suit higher r.p.m. engines.

These valves and springs are fitted using your own OEM retainers, bases and seals without the need for any further engine modifications.

This combination of high grade components ensures that your bike will run right and keep running right. 

Kits are availabe for the following bikes:
CRF250   -   CRF450   -   RMZ250   -   RMZ450   -   KXF250   -   KXF450   -   YZF250   -   YZF450

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